Sept. 2017 – 25 minutes
Penny sits down with Ben Fewtrell and the Business Brain Food podcast to discuss her journey from travel agency junior to Managing Director of the Spencer Group of Companies, a business group that turns over $65m per year and employs 85 people.

Penny chats about how she got from there to here, office culture, hiring on values, referrals and rewards, mentoring and accountability.



Jan. 2016 – 40 minutes
Penny is interviewed by hosts Ryan & Aaron in the very first episode of Travel Conversations. In it she discusses the success of business she started from scratch to where it stands today as a multi-award-winning business group.

With over 20 years experience in the industry and having founded her first business in 1998, Penny has since expanded her business portfolio to include four additional companies forming the now multi-million dollar Spencer Group of Companies.